Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ludic & Phatic


Ludic & Phatic. What is it? What is in your mind once reading it? Or perhaps you already knew about it unlike me.

Someone was discussing about the term ludic and phatic. I suddenly felt so small. I suddenly feels that how little knowledge that I have in this academic world. I realized the importance to be up-to-date with the current trends. But there are too many, too many to catch-up with. Articles downloaded were carried here and there, but the page number remain at 1. To move to another page might take ages. Too many tasks at the office, when at home, too many house chores to be completed. Once everything done, its time to call-off for the day.

From the Wikipedia (my instant source of information for general definition) I gathered that LUDIC is the term used to define the playful interface. It was coined in 2008. The term was introduced with the aim of counterbalancing the tendency of "infantilization" of play and stressing the complicities between technology and pleasure. 

How does that sound? Well, in general it is about creating an interface that are playful and applicable mostly in games.

What is PHATIC?
Google searched image
I tried Mr Google again for the term phatic. It described through an article "Phatic technologies in modern society" (Wang, B. et. al, 2012) in Technology in Society, Vol 34(1) as "Phatic technologies are special forms of communication technologies devoted to personal and social needs and goals."

It is about the relationship between  society and technology. It is about creating technology for the society in this borderless world through social networking etc.

Wow! The article is very interesting. It opened-up how knowledge spurs. And again, it makes me feel so small. Be it in the acquired knowledge or discovered knowledge, how little knowledge that I have.

Let's strive to work harder to be a better muslims in all aspects.



  1. Salam, so many new terms to digest.... ingat dulu suka baca Reader's Digest ..banyak terms yang boleh dipelajari ... tetapi new terms dalam Bahasa Melayu pun banyak yang masih terpinga-pinga bila membaca nya...

    suatu masa dulu : glokal (masa sekolah dulu tak pernah jumpa pun) ...


    Kak Azzah

  2. Memang rasa mcm tak terkejar dgn perkembangan ilmu ni. Kena lebihkan doa keberkatan masa.