Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Do Not Fear, SPM is Near

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Assalamualaikum all,

Days counted is FIVE. Yes, SPM is only 5 days away. It is just round the corner. Probably we can hear the heart beating very fast in each and everyone who are involved. Who are they that are involve? Students and parents. And teachers, perhaps.

I receive a text message from Atikah last night, requesting me to give her a call. And I did. She wanted to tell me that she will not be coming back this weekend (earlier were told that it was compulsory to come back). The hardworking and dedicated teachers are conducting extra classes for the students. It's OK dear it is for the best of the students. This final moments are the most crucial moments. Its not about last minute preparation. It is about last minutes strategies. No last minutes preparation will lead to ultimate success.

After a long chat, Atikah suddenly whispered to me, "Ibu, Atikah takut. Atikah tak jumpa dah ibu sebelum exam, doakan Atikah". Do not worry my dear, my prayers are always for you, day and night. Just try your best. Whatever the result will be is what Allah has destined for us. But maximum effort must be put into it. And do not forget to ask from no other but ALLAH.

My dear, I am wishing you the very best of luck. So does to all those sitting for SPM next week. Do your BEST! Work to the fullest! And believes in miracle from ALLAH. Solat and Doa.


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