Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bapak - Again.

CAUTION: This is an outdated entry. I found it in my draft box. A recollection of memories with Bapak.

Alfatihah untuk Bapak.

Dear blog,

I was on Emergency Leave yesterday (Monday). My father was attacked again on Saturday - heart attack. It is during our way back to kampung, in my car. The driving felt too slow. I wish we could fly the vehicle to the hospital. Anyway, Alhamdulillah, we are there - and not too late. Abang is already waiting for us at the emergency bay of the Seberang Jaya Hospital. The minute our car stopped, a hospital dresser wheeled a wheel chair to carry bapak to the emergency admission area. We relate what had happened during the journey - nothing happen, just informed him that bapak has taken 4 times the medicine prescribed to him to stop the pain on the chest but to no avail. As he wheeled bapak, I followed Abang.

The emergency area was not that big, that only one person is allowed to go in to follow bapak, therefore I waited outside. The situation in the emergency room is FARRRRR different from the one you see in the ER drama. It was calm and quiet. The nurses calmingly entertain bapak who was in great pain. The nurses were chatting happily instead. Geramnya aku ...grrrrrr. Just hope that they really know better. Soon after we left the hospital, leaving Abang to be with Bapak.

Monday, I have to leave for Shah Alam. At about 1.23pm, Mak asked us to leave as we still have a long journey ahead. I called my children to pay respect to their grand parents - bersalaman as usual. I hugged both my parents. As I turned to wave to them, I could see tears in Bapak's eyes. Bapak was sad to let us go. We are not happy either to leave him there. But, what choice do we have??????

I called Mak this morning, despite her not so well condition, she was already there at the hospital, taking care of Bapak. Being discharged? It is not in the near future as Bapak can still feel the pain in the chest.

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