Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A visit to Dungun

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

Obligation. Everybody has their obligation to fulfill. To Allah SWT, to the prophet and to mankind. Even to the other living things, there are obligations to fulfill. To animal - do not harm them, feed them if need to. To the plants is to water them and not to destroy them unnecessarily.
As one of my obligation to mankind is on my children. And last Sunday we performed a parently task by visiting my eldest who is in Dungun. She claimed that it has been a month since we last met and she misses me a lot, as an act of comfort we went to visit her.

We left Shah Alam at about 730am. Stopped by at a restaurant in Bentung and reached Dungun at about 1230pm. She was having a class which suppose to finish at 1230pm but had been extended to 2pm. We waited patiently in the car. I saw a student and requested her to tell my daughter of our arrival. Guess how she responded??? She did not believe it which make her friend dragged her out to see me. She was extremely surprised. We spent time at kak yan's house till 6pm when its time to send her back to the hostel. A meaningful 4 hours.

Muslimat's solat area. Only passers-by were seen.
We headed back after that. My husband insisted to go straight back home. A day trip. But when he felt tired after Maghrib I suggested that we stop at Kuantan for a rest. We stopped for Maghrib at a beautiful masjid in Kemaman. It is indeed a beautiful masjid. Cleaned and well kept but unfortunately there are no female residents there to perform solat Maghrib in jamaah and to listen to the lecture which followed after. It is sad to see a beautiful but empty masjid.

In Kuantan, it brought us from one hotel to another, as many are fully booked. We finally landed at a 3months old hotel for the night. We resume our journey back home on Sunday after breakfast feeling energetic and fresh.

Thank you Allah for protecting us throughout our journey. Another journey, another mankind obligation awaits us this coming weekend.


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