Saturday, August 25, 2012


Assalamualaikum dear readers,
With a very sad and weeping heart Ramadhan 1433 has finally left us. May Allah grant us anither Ramadhan for us to race for the handsome reward again, insyaAllah. For now, let us hope that we will be able to continue all the good deeds that we have trained ourself to do during the last Ramadhan.
My Raya is a very unusual one, a very different experience, a very solemn rememberance. Anyway, I accept the fate as a test from Allah SWT. May with this it will make me a better muslim.
First, its different because its the first raya without Bapak. Mak was not cheerful at all. Mak burst into a cry during the last iftar leaving all of us speechless. After solat, tarawikh and eid, i looked out to where Bapak was laid to rest (which is very near to the Masjid) longing to be closed to him, to talk to him, to hold his hands but i accept it as atest from Allah for if we really love Bapak its not only about talking or holding his hands, dua is what he is hoping now.
Second, since Bapak was gone, Mak is regularly not feeling very well. And on the first day of eid, after Asr, we took mak to KPJ and was advised to get admitted as there is a sign of stroke. And now its a raya without Mak at ourside. We then camp ourself in KPJ. Alhamdulillah after a thorough medical test Mak was declared free from the stroke sign but nerve problem. Till today, mak is still not feeling very well and when all her other children got to make a move to other destinations, abang took the responsibility to take care of mak and brought mak back to his house. We owe you a lot Abang.
4th day we travel back to Shah Alam, crawling the highway leaving mak who is till unhealthy. Approaching the house at almost 11.30pm we saw the lights on the first floor was turned on. We were wondering whether we have left it that way. When I went to open the gate I saw that the grill of the front door is opened. I frantically ran to my husband who is waiting in the car and inform him what i saw. I was already shivering when my husband called the police for assistance. After an investigation, it was confirmed that the house was broken into. The master bedroom was ransacked. Some of the valuables and momentos were missing. Redha. This is just another small test as a show of love from Allah. If we are able to accept this, may we be rewarded. Ameen.
Life is about a test. Redha.

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