Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bila nak balik kampung?

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

"Bila nak balik kampung?" "(When are you going back to your hometown?")
"Bila mula cuti?" ("When do you begin your annual leave?")

Perhaps, these two questions are the most asked question within these few days. Office starts to feel deserted. Walking alone in the quiet corridor is a normal situation now. Gone are the hectic, loud and busy days. No students sprawling around the campus, at least until September. I thought I was the first to take leave, but NO, I am wrong, my colleagues start their Eid leave as early as Monday (13 August 2012). I will only begin my leave on Friday -- for many reasons:
1. I have my timetable to be finalized
2. My Closing-D-Loop Report is not complete yet.
3. I have not even peep at the new curriculum
4. Two articles to be edited.

Subhanallah .... with this long list, do you think I can begin my leave on Friday??? I am determined to complete item 1, 2 and 4. Item 3 can wait until after eid.

Everybody was looking forward to go back to their hometown. For many reasons. If the reason is to visit our elderly parents, may Allah bless us with rahmah and reward in the hereafter. There are three simple things when done will be rewarded by Allah SWT. The three things are:
1. Looking at the Baitullah
2. To look at the face of our parents (of course with love)
3. To look at the quranic verses.

Item 1, is not that easy, we are not staying in Mecca. It involves many factors in order to do this.

Item 2, might not be that easy if our parents did not stay with us. And will be impossible when they're gone (Oh ..... I miss Bapak so much).

Item 3, is the easiest thing to do. Allah Ar-Rahman, Allah the Gracious, generously giving out rewards for us to reap. How often do we race towards this??? Some ulama' were saying, when you read the surah Yassin (the most readable surah), even if you have memorize them, open your eyes to look at the kalimah for the reward that Allah has promised for those who look at the quranic verses. Ah .... easy isn't it to get the reward? Very much easier if compared to get some good grades in the exam.

'Balik kampung' will mean a journey to some of us. The distance depends on the location. In my case, to go back to Penang and Kedah will definitely call for a 4 hours highway drive on normal days and may increase to 7 to 10 hours during festive season. On journey, do not forget the other GIFT that Allah has for us. The GIFT of jama' and qasar as long as your distance is not less than 89 kilometer or 56 miles. Please accept the gift from ALLAH even if your traveling time is only 2 hours drive. How do you feel when you give someone a gift and that person rejected the gift? You will feel bad isn't it. Therefore, please sincerely accept the GIFT from Allah Ar-Rahim.

When discussing about Eid, do not forget the final 5 days that we have to earn as many reward as possible. Rasulallah SAW will perform the following during the last 10 days of Ramadhan:
1. Qiam
2. Read alQuran
3. Sadaqah
4. Be good to people (especially to our parents)

Lest's grab this golden opportunity together. Wallahua'lam.

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