Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Service Time

Salam all,

'When did we last service our car?', a husband was asking his wife.
'I think it was three months ago. It's due for another service.' replied the wife.

If we take good care of a car, take it for service regularly, insyaAllah the car will be in a good condition.

Next came a question, '
When will my master send me for service? I am longing to be refreshed after stucked in the office all day long, 9-5 days a week.'

Hmmm..... I guess that must be what my body was asking. All the nerves and vein are longing for a massage - to be serviced.

And finally, today, after 10 years, I send my body for service. To be overhauled actually. There was a lady came from Medan. She initially came as a favor to a friend (my colleague). And this generous friend later brought the lady over to the office to give her service to fellow lady lecturers. It was a marvelous room service. But mind me, I had to open all windows, sprayed air freshner to remove the ordour of the oinment used during massage. To me it was wonderful. I was refreshed.

But when night came, I started to feel aching all over, especially the head. It was banging. Perhaps it is the after effect. Therefore, good night all. It's time to sooth my body after the "touch".


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