Monday, May 14, 2012

Quotable quotes

Salam and a very late night greetings,

The clock showed 30 minutes past midnight. Just came back from kampung for our routine visit to our parents calls for a lot of tasks to be settled before school and office tomorrow. What inspired me to update a post tonight is this quote I listened during our more or less 4 hours journey.

"Suka berangan adalah perbuatan syaitan, manakala merancang adalah perbuatan orang yang beriman"
(Daydreaming is what they devils do, while planning is the job of mukminin)

May Allah swt protect us from the syaitan whom are cursed by Allah swt.

Thinking over the quotes again gives us an intepretation, when we daydream, we are actually wasting our time. Not doing anything and hoping for miracles to happen. Whereas in Islam we were asked to plan on how we could improved ourself. things will not just come by, hardwork always pays. Only Allah knows when the reaping time is. wallahualam.

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