Saturday, March 3, 2012

Di mana anakku?

Lokasi: Wad 7, Hospital Kuala Trengganu
Hari: Sabtu
Jam: 6 petang

A father was looking around. Sadly. He keeps on looking for a familiar face. It's an hour since the visiting hours began. His eyes were glued to the entrance. Still waiting & hoping. 6.30pm. He gave up looking at the entrance. He started smiling to the passers by. He started talking to visitors who came for other people. He looks pretty sad. His eyes tell it all. He is crying inside.

7pm. the visiting hours is over. Only those who are taking care of the patient were left. He started to blurt his feelings and frustration. Where are my kids? This is public holiday, where are they? Have they forgotten their father who is sick in the hospital ward? Have they forgotten their father who has just sold off his piece of land and gave each kids a fair share of the wealth?

Where are they? .....

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