Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Work! Work! Work!

Salam all,

It was 30th January 2012, around 11am . . . came a message on screen (sound something like this), "the marks have been uploaded successfully" . . . Alhamdulillah. This calls for a celebration!!!! Finally the responsibility as a lecturer is completed for this semester. And now, perhaps I could take a deep breath . . . inhale . . . exhale. Fuhh . . . a sense of relief.

Not long after, at about 12.30pm, the phone rang, "Dr free tak petang ni? Kita kena discuss pasal Program Selangkah", came the voice from the phone, and Argh . . . it's not ended yet!!!! As a result, I left the office at almost 6pm that evening, went straight to pick up my kids just to see their long face as ibu was late AGAIN.

31st January, I hurried to the office as early as possible. Attending the Amanat Dato' VC. In the afternoon, met with students for FYP discussion and ended the day again at almost 6pm.

Today, after a month in 2012, is 1st February. Again, I was early to the office hoping to settle few things that I promised to do. While reading and replying to the important emails (even before beginning doing the task I am suppose to do), then, came a knock on my door. It was a student, came to collect his FYP reports. While having a discussion with the students, few calls came-in which requires my attention and assistance. I hurriedly attended the request. The clock ticking. It was now 10am . . . there's a meeting to attend. I hurried to the meeting room to join the meeting that has begun. And the meeting ended at almost 12.40pm.

I dashed out of the meeting room to the parking lot. Quickly drove to the school to collect the RM100 distributed to each school children. Since I was already near my house, I stopped by my house to do some house chores. Azan calls for the Zuhr prayer. I quickly perform it and rush back to the office to attend another meeting which ended at 4pm.

Now I got to do the task that I am supposed to do early in the morning. And again, my day ended at almost 6pm. A glimpse at the planner . . . February is going to be a busy month for me as heap of work is waiting. And . . . I am smiling. You choose how to spend your 24hours a day. Spend it wisely.


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