Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Mr. Nice Guy.

Sallam all,

Hmmm ... any nice guy here? Well, I am want to stop being one. Oooopppsss .... I never was. The sentence should be, I want to stop being Mrs Nice Lady perhaps, but it sounds funny. Who cares ... it's how I felt.

I just felt sick and tired being the good girl, trying to please everybody at work. Trying to be considerate, trying to be supportive, trying to console one soul, trying to mend difficult situation. I am tired of all these .... when there are people despite how I sincerely try to protect them, they however turn me into a rival. Look at me as a threat. I want to stop being the nice girl (because I am no longer a girl --- ha ha ha ha). But seriously, I want to stop being one. I would play the avoidance act. I will keep a distance from them. I would also try not to cross a path if that will only make them happy.

Above all, I will only do as required by deen, as Allah swt has instructed us to do through al-quran and as-sunnah. No, I am not creating enemies here, I just want to live in peace. It is sad when the people we call FRIEND thinks that we are their rivals and enemies. Well, think as you may. Only Allah knows.

Innamal a'malun binniat .... the first hadith in the 4o collection of hadith.


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