Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kes Rampasan

Salam all,

Friday night, after completing all the day's task, I took a seat on the edge of the bed, feeling very relief .. Ahh .... finally .... I could have the rest. Just to share my hectic day (as though other days are not hectic), it was really, superbly hectic. First, there's a workshop to attend organized by the department, I must give a strong support to activities organized by the department, unity for success as one person said it. But, (2) it was also the last day to recalculate students result and I've noticed some discrepancies in the result, therefore this has to be the top most priority. At the same time (3), there's also a meeting with UPSI for a tiny project I am currently working with, and they have been texting me to come, this is also important to me. And(4) It's the last day to submit the FRGS form for the grant application. To add to the hectic schedule, a call came from the dean's office calling me for a meeting when it was already 5.15pm when I was about to leave to fetch my kids from school. It was really a ...... %^%#$#$^&*(* ---- no words can describe it. I was scratching my head, not knowing which to do first.

Back at home, at 8pm, send Sabrina for her tuition class, 9pm send Mawaddah (my niece) to the bus station to go back to Dungun, 10pm fecth Sabrina back from tuition -- That is the reason why having the opportunity to finally sit comfortably was a great plelasure --- Alhamdulillah, Allah has given me the strength to complete all the task.

While sitting on the bed before lying on it, I grabbed my handphone. There's someone I missed and need to listen to the voice. The little ones were already sleeping, and now I need to listen to my eldest's voice. I pressed her number few times --- no answer. I was not very comfortable. I could sense that something was not right.

Saturday morning, I tried calling her again. Still no answer. And at almost 5pm that Saturday, I finally receive a call from an unfamiliar number bearing the area code 09. My instinct was telling me that something was not right. "Ibu!", came the voice at the end of the line. "Ya.", was my short answer. "Handphone kena rampas!", was a statement that confirmed my guess, sense and instint. Atikah's handphone was confiscated during a 'spot checked' the night before at the hostel. Well, rule is rule. Therefore, just accept it. Not only she was sad, I was sad too because I cant't talk to her whenever I feel like doing it anymore. Sob! Sob! Sob!

But .... serve you (us) right!!! Rules are meant to be obeyed not the other way round. It is a lesson well learnt.



  1. Masa berubah... h/phone bukan kemewahan tapi keperluan. Undang-undang manusia boleh diubah. Sekolah Gem 4 membenarkan penggunaan h/phone tapi dengan syarat tiada talian internet dan kamera. Cuba usulkan... H/phone talian kasih. Jangan biarkan ianya terputus!


  2. Salam..hehehe..ingat kan kes rampasan apa lah tadi...huhu..ingatkan kapalterbang kena hijack ke...
    ya..seperti Nasiroh katakan... hp talian kasih... boleh diusulkan...
    sekolah anak I di Rawang tu pun tak boleh bawa hp jugak...