Friday, January 13, 2012

Pemergian itu dirasai anak-anakku

Salam semua,

This morning, I hurried to my children's school. The date today is 13th January, 16th will be the starting of the food service program. I have to make the payment before my kids begin enjoying the food. Reaching the school, I saw the pupils in the prayer hall (surau), I thought they were almost finish performing their dhuha prayer. I hurriedly walk towards the canteen, as I pass by the surau I can clearly see that they were reciting surah Yassin not performing the solat. I completed my transaction at the canteen and hurried back to my car.

In the afternoon, I met Anum, just returning from fetching her children from school (the same school) my kids went to). She signalled me to come closer to her car. As I reached near her car, she told me that one of the kids teacher passed away this morning. Now, it answers why the children were reciting Yassin this morning. It seems that the teacher teaches both my children. She taught them Akhlak.

Reaching home, the kids blurted out to me the news sadly. Both of them were very sad with the lost. The teacher was on Medical Leave yesterday, and passed away peacefully this morning at 2am for a viral infection in the lung. When I asked Sabrina when was the last time she saw the teacher, she told me that the teacher were in her class earlier this week looks healthy as usual. It's a sudden demise. A dedicated teacher, she was an active person (I knew this when I dropped by at her facebook to take a glimpse of her).

May Allah place Cikgu Amanatun Zakiah among mukminah solehah, reward her for all her good deeds and forgive all her wrongdoings. Al-Fatihah!

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