Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's Al-Fatihah Again

Salam all,

Twice today we received the emails bearing the title 'Al-Fatihah', it came from two different persons as a condolences for two members of the faculty for the demise of their beloved family members. Looking back at the emails listing, there were more than 5 emails of such title of late. Al-Fatihah, may each soul will be placed amongst the solihin.

New life was brought to world with smile on the faces of the loved ones. At the same time, new soul was brought back to his Creator without delays as written and promised. As mentioned in the lyric of Ahmed Bukhatir's song, 'Last Breath', everybody cries as the body was laid to the soil not knowing that the soul of the dead cried the most. Especially if we were brought back to the Creator with a flawed records. Listening to the song shivers my body and mind. What is it that I will bring back to see the Creator who has given me so much???? What do I have with me????

One ustaz (Ustaz Zainul Abidin from Klang), once mentioned to us a simple analogy of giving, receiving and paying back what Allah has given us. Allah gives us the oxygen to breath in 24 hours a day, we receive it as we needed it, and what do we give Him back as a token of appreciation, as the act of saying thank you? Is it only the prayer (solat) that won't even last for 10 minutes each?

50 minutes( 5 solat X 10 minutes) VS 24 hours (1440 minutes) of oxygen to breath in
How do you look at this???
Sufficient? Reasonable?

As our age increased in numbers, most of the time, so does our wealth, what do we do to say thanks to Allah. Do we upgrade the way we say thanks to Allah just as Allah has upgraded our life? Or is it remains as before if not worse? Is it fair for us to be doing that for the Creator who has Generously given us with prosper in life be it in terms of wealth, happiness, blessed with beautiful marriage and kids who succeeded in all their undertakings? Don't we ever feel ashamed? Receiving, receiving, receiving and keeps on receiving with very minimal of giving??

How well do we perform our prayers? do we upgrade it? Do we try hard to be khusyu' in solat? Or perhaps our solat is as good as we are in Standard One if not worse? Thinking about this, is an endless thought .... ACTION is a must. Therefore, let's upgrade the way we say thanks to Allah as much as Allah has upgraded our wealth and life by doing a very simple task - perform a correct solat with khusyu'. Lets begin with a first step by memorizing all the verses and dua's that we recite during solat. By doing that, insyaAllah we will feel as though we are talking to Allah, thanking the Creator personally, humbly and felt very close to Him.

Saying is always easier than Doing. This is true.

However, I am calling upon myself (especially) and everybody else, let's try doing it, let's try improving our solat, if we failed, do not despair, try again, as Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim rewards the simplest effort of good deeds.


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