Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back To School 2012

Salam all,

Yes, it's back to school for the year 2012. Today, 4th January 2012, its officially the ending of the PSP, PS2, TV wacthing, facebooking, computer game playing season for my kids. With the ending of those seasons, I hope to see some declining in the electricity bills which rose to RM500++ during the school holidays.

Back to school also means its muscle building for ibu again as there's plenty of scrubbing to be done on the school uniform. On top of that, ibu got to start being creative again to think of what to prepare for the kids meal box to bring to school. This also means that extra attention need to be put on the kids study.

With the unofficial domestic helper back to the hostel, it's left only ibu to do all the house chores. Thanks dear Kakak for being a great helper, even though sometimes there's aome scolding and blabbering that you had to bear with. Everything is for your own good ... to educate.

As this is your final schooling year, Ibu really hope that you will put your 200% effort for this important exam at year end. Ibu will always pray for your success. But, changes has to come from you. Best of luck my dear.

To Sabrina and Hakim,
Proof to ibu, that from this year onward, both of you will be the top in everything that you do such as study, quran, hafazan etc... My prayers are for the two of you too.

2011 has ended, come 2012. How time flies. ALHAMDULILLAH ALLAH, we are still here, breathing healthily, and be given the chance to sow for the garden in the hereafter, the jannah, for everything that we do, we do it just for YOU, ALLAH.


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