Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hakim's Visit to the Doctor for Abscess (Bisul)

Salam all,

Waiting for a medical specialist is always trying out my patient. This was our second visit to see the doctor for his abscess. 2 hours is the minimum. But the quality of service is normally worth the waiting. Some may wonders, two visits just for abscess (bisul)???

Ala .... masa kita kecik2 dulu pun selalu gak kena bisul, tak pernah pun jumpa pakar? Paranoid ke apa maknya ni? ....

I felt ridiculous too, to see the medical specialist just for an abscess. But, .... with knowledge that you know about medical, with more explanation that you receive from a doctor, the more worrying you become. When I asked the general practioner, "How serious can it be, if I just let it (the abscess) heal by itself? She said, the blood my get infectious and it will lead to a more serious health situation. That is the reason why I agreeingly took him to see the medical specialist.

Besar sangat ke bisulnya tu? Biasa la, kena bisul .... nanti baik sendiri je. Dulu-dulu kat kampung, orang letak kapur je kat keliling tu, nak bagi nanah keluar.

Ye ke??? I don't know about that. Cannot recall if it ever happen to me before, neither do my husband. The abscess is quite big at the place it normally occur (hmmm...), it burst, but no pus came out. The GP told us that it has to be removed, for adult, the GP will normally do a small incision and drain the pus from the abscess. But for children, it is not advisable to do a 'live' incision. It requires a minor surgery to remove the pus (which seems to be very thick). SURGERY! Not again .... not another visit to the Operation Theater, No! No! No! That is how it landed us to two visits with the medical specialist. When the specialist assess the abscess, it tells that it is not fully mature (orang kampung kata, 'tak masak lagi'), therefore an operation cannot be done.

Anyway, alhamdulillah .... with another course of antibiotic, the abscess became smaller and finally its gone. No surgery is required, Hakim is happy, Ibu is happy. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah.

Kisahnya, the first course of antibiotic tu terlambat makan sebab maknya pergi team building, anak yang kat rumah tu, lupa nak bagitau ayah, therefore it became 'building on the abscess and pus'. Hmmm .... itulah puncanya, bisul tu membesar dengan megahnya. Lain kali kalau sesiapa kena bisul, cepat-cepatlah makan antibiotik.


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