Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Lunch Box

Salam all,

Yesterday, I was with two friends, attending the TITAH DIRAJA by Raja Nazrin Shah of Perak. On our way back, we were talking about meals as our stomach started to grumble. One of my friend said, "Why is XXX is so slim?. I answered, 'Because she takes great care of her physical appearance'. That's easy to say, but what does it take to TAKE CARE OF THE PHYSICAL APPEARANCE. It calls for a hard work and endless effort.

This lead to another revelation by other friend telling us part of the measures taken by XXX to keep herself fit and slim. According to this friend, XXX will normally bring lunch to office which consist of lots of fruits and probably some wholemeal bread. And XXX seldom take rice in her diet. WOW! That's a healthy one. I like the idea of fruits and bread but I am not sure I can stay away from rice. Rrrrr ...... the ramblings will be louder if I stayed away from rice for more than two days.

So today, I made some initiative to prepare my lunch box. I read somewhere, when we feel hungry, it means that the body requires some food. But it does not necessarily be a solid food. It could be the liquid that the body desire. Therefore, if you feel hungry, try drinking some water first, if the hungry persist, than only you grab on some solid food. Well, I did that too today, but because ........ I am not sure my lunch pack could stop the hunger pang until dinner ---- with only two slices of sardine sandwiches. Hihihihi .... am a big eater!!!

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim .......
Mmmm ... yummy, yummy



  1. salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak....

    bulan puasa tengok gambar ni...tergugat? huhu...

    kak Azzah

  2. salam k.azzah,

    salam Ramadhan .... boleh buat berbuka, dah ada satu menu ni ...