Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Family Tree

Salam All,

It has been ages since I last typed any lines of word here. Well, same lame excuse -- BUSY. I'm sure everybody is busy, but there are people who are very consistently able to update the blog. I salute them.

This evening, while browsing through my emails to look for an old email, I came across an e-mail from my cousin bearing the title 'Salasilah Keluarga' - the family tree. I was asked by by cousin to update our family tree especially 'OUR OWN' family, but I dearly forgotten all about it. Sorry, Abang Naser - however, it's done now.

What surprises me was to find out who our great ancestors was. I used to listen to the story of 'Tok Johan', the great grandfather of my grandfather, from my grandfather. He was a 'hulubalang' (warrior) of a palace. I guess it's Perlis as my grandfather was from Perlis. What I didn't know is that the great grandfather of Tok Johan was someone called 'RAJA SALANG'. Tok Johan himself was a 'Tengku Panglima Johan' (it's something like the knight, chewwah!!!). His son (my grand father's grandfather), was the 'Temenggong Syed Ahmad'.

WOW! What a shocked!!! A royal blood heh???? No wonder I like the colour of CLEANLINESS-YELLOW!! (smiling to the ears)......

Till we meet again ...... Adios!!!!
(Ntah bila la gamaknya).

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