Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mak n Bapak

Salam all,

My heart sank when watching the photo of the two beloved persons in this world. MAK & BAPAK. Unnoticingly, my tears was flowing fast down my cheek. These are the two persons who have taken care of me, teach me, brought me up to who I am today. But where are they now? They were lonely couple, stayed home, longing to have kids and grandchildren around. Longing to hear the voices of their children to say 'Hello'. Looking forward for visits from their children and grandchildren. Longing for hugs and kisses from those who they have hugged and kissed before. How often do we fill their lonely hearts? How often do we sang love songs (by saying 'hi') to their ears? How often????????

We busied ourselves with heap of works and make it a reason not to call. We spend our pay to our satisfaction and make 'the cost' the reason for not going back to see them .... Do we deserve to be called the obedient child in Allah's eye? Forgive me mak & bapak if I ever hurt your feelings. Ya Allah, forgive them and protect them and bestow them with rahmah, ya Allah. Ameen.

Now with bapak is in ward (admitted yesterday for high level of natrium in the body system), and mak who was recently diagnosed to have problem with her heart, I really felt like flying to them at this very moment. But mak, bapak, I am now the 'wanted to be' obedient wife just like what you have taught me to, therefore, I am so helpless. But insyAllah, God's willing, we will meet up next Friday for I shall come to cheer your lonely hearts. Hubby has taken leave and promise to visit 'OUR PARENTS'.


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