Sunday, July 17, 2011

Limpah Kurnia dari Allah Yang Tersembunyi.

Salam all,

Alhamdulillah .... just came back from the surau. The kids and ayah were still shopping there .... (buying some religious books). Among the thing that I wanted to immediately write so that I will not forget is how grateful I should be with the precious TIME given to me.

Yes, if compared to others, I am lucky to stay very near to my workplace. It is only about 5 minutes drive from home to office. Why do I said that this is the most precious gift??? Yes, with this kind of distance, I have ample time to still complete some of my chores in the morning before going to the office, such as drying the clothes, preparing for dinner etc. Some people, had to leave for office as early as 6.45am. Those people need to hurriedly do every chores during the night (except those with helpers). What do I do with that extra time???? Yes, I should spend those extra time wisely. With this extra time, I should not have a reason for not going to surau to listen to tazkirah. Yes, my soul need some food too.

Ya Allah, forgive me Ya Allah, for not spending the time given to me wisely. May days to come will be used optimumly for deen, InsyaAllah.

Got to go now, the kids are back and they wanted to use the notebook ..... Adios.


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