Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bell's Palsy

Salam all,

Heard of the title before? I've not. Yesterday was the first time I heard of it. Our dean, is currently admitted to a medical center for the bell's palsy. It is a nerve disorder on one side of your face (the cranial nerve). And Alhamdulillah, it is not permanent. It seems that as one side of the nerve is not functioning it causes a slight drop on the other side of the face. Some might mistakenly thought that it was a stroke. In our dean's case, she was diagnosed to have a viral infection that has infected the nerve. She is currently under treatment and to undergo certain physiotherapy procedures. One of the procedures is to smile widely. So everyone, let's smile, as smile not only will make people happy and a sadaqah for a muslim, but it is alsoas a form of exercise for your facial nerve. Therefore, don't sulk, just smile.

Whatever it is, for a muslim we should believe that it is a way for Allah to remind us of HIM and hereafter. And to always remember the wrongdoings that we might have done and to repent. Subhanallah, the Forgiven Allah, will always give a us a chance to redo our mistakes, to repent and seek his forgiveness. He will never let us go astray, insyaAllah, with hidayah (guidance).


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