Monday, July 25, 2011

Back from Team Building at Marina Cove, Lumut

Salam All,

Alhamdulillah. Reached home from a DAY long trip from Lumut. We left our room, checked-out at 10am and reached home safely at approximately 6.30pm. A LONNNNNG day. Waited for the bus for about one and a half hour. Stopped by at Lumut town for some anchovies and alike, stopped again for lunch, stopped again for Solat, stopped again for dropping passenger, some food and toilet and finally reached home at about 6.30pm.

The team building was fun except for the venue that is not so supporting. The place was not so hygiene, the food was not so good and the staff was not friendly at all - barely smile at the guest, perhaps the management should sent them for some class or course on how to entertain the guest.

On the bus, I was figuring out the things that I need to do once I reach home. The laundry etc. Entering the house, the smell of the floor cleaner triggers my nostril sending the message to my brain that the floor has been mopped. A peeped into the laundry basket later suggested that the clothes has been washed. Even the school uniforms have been washed. Thanks a lot my darling, my love, Mr Hubby.

The only thing that is waiting for me is, ...."Ibu, kita orang dah lapar .....", hihihi ..... let's have pizza everybody!


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