Friday, April 15, 2011

Pertemuan di Alam Maya

Dear blog,

I am happy these few days. Happy to log into FB. Why? I met my long lost friends. Friends from UKM. Friends whom together we sat in the lab trying to crack our heads to solve the computational problem aka 'writing a program'. Whom we normally discuss what elective to enroll to. Those are the sweet and beautiful memories. Everything started with this piece of photo. See below.

I, myself not very sure where I placed this photos? Or perhaps I never had one. During that time communication is not a swift. We either had to call or write letters. Calling is costly while writing is too time consuming. It results in a silence from all parties. Until we meet again, in this virtual world. And for record, the conversation (comments) on this photo alone has reached the total of 75 (as of today). Everybody was delighted to 'meet' old friends. That's the beauty of technology if put to the right cause.

I remembered those days, I personally wish that the exam that I had was the last one. But, Allah knows better. From there, I crawled up the academic ladders till I reach to the top. All with HIS blessings. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah. And, thank you Allah for connecting us once again.

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