Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sunnah Nabi - Doa Bangun Tidur

Salam All,

Jom amal sunnah!!!

Listened to TV this morning about sunnah. The ustaz was urging all muslims to practice sunnah in our daily life. Every bit of sunnah that we perform is promised reward and syafaah from Rasulallah. How many of you say this doa everyday???? Not me. That is my answer. Most of the days, I will just jump out of the bed and start doing things that need to be done. This is the doa taught by Rasulallah SAW to be recited when you get up from sleep.

Segala puji bagi Allah yang menghidupkan kami sesudah mati (tidur) kami dan kepadaNya kami kembali

It is very simple and easy to recite. I am sure even our kids can recite them well, together with the translation. Al-maklum la pergi sekolah, cikgu ajar .... and make sure that your child is sent to school that instill this simple muslims practice in their daily activities ... sebab .... kalau nak harapkan kita mak bapaknya nak mengajarkan doa2 macam ni .... memang payahlah sikit ... asyik sibuk memanjang .... mengaku aje lah. Aku mengaku. I really thank to all my children's kindergarten teachers for educating my children. Tau-tau dah pandai sembahyang dan kita monitor perlaksanaannya di rumah.

OK, as I would like to call for every muslim readers to begin with this simple activity - recite the doa after a sleep - I would call for my ownself to do it everyday!!!!! (Ni yang kena ada buku muhasabah diri ni!!!) And after a week, let's us evaluate ourself whether we have perform this simple sunnah.



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