Friday, February 11, 2011

Merentas Desa @ Cross Country

Salam all,

Have you ever take part in this activity? As Malaysian who went to Msian school, I'm sure you cannot miss this. It is normally held in the beginning of the year. January or February. It is suppose to test the students' endurance to long distance race area. It will also meassures and evaluate the mental and physical capability of the students. Only the determinant will try to complete the race. But most students will opt to walking all the way the race while chit chatting among them. Hmmmm .....sounds do relevant ..... to me ....

Ni nak story zaman2 sekolah dulu. Sebelum acara sebenar dilakukan, kena la buat latihan. Practice makes perfect. So, every morning, instead of doing our routine physical activity we were required to practice the cross country. And we were in Kajang at that time, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Maahad Hamidiah Kajang, to be precised. The school is located near a kampung, Kg Siantan. So, this is REALLY a cross country. Not like my kids, they were all CROSS CITY. Lari dalam taman, memang la tak best. When talking about running across the village, there are many things that we can enjoy.

One day, my friends and me, three of us, were not feeling very well. We had stomach ache, tapi tak la serius sangat. Since we love this activity, we intend to go on with the cross country training, but instead of running, we walked our way to the finishing line. It resulted in us completing the training the last and at almost 9.30 am. Ingat lagi tu!!! Beatiful memories are difficult to erase!! We really enjoy our walk. Passing by the village, greeting the makcik and pakcik along the way, enjoying the peaceful scenery --- mmmm ... only if we could flash back to the good old days.

Punya lah peramah, we greeted the pakcik and makcik who were doing their morning chores - and to forget to also complement them for their beautiful garden and fruit trees. Orang kampunglah katakan, banyaklah tanaman yang ada. Kata orang, "Orang berbudi, kita berbahasa, orang memberi kita merasa". That is what happen to us.

"CAntik taman pakcik.... banyaknya buah rambutan kat pokok pakcik", were among the greetings. And as a result ....

'Ah..ah... memang banyak rambutannya, ambik la sikit, ambik bawak balik buat makan dengan kawan-kawan", balas si Pakcik. After some persuasion, ye la malu-malu kucing, we took the rambutans and head back to the hostel. REZEKI!!!!

Itulah kisahnya. Tapi rambutan yang gambar tu bukan yang diberi Pakcik. This happened some 29 years ago (tuanya aku!!!).

Why suddenly talk about this? Well, my daughter, Sabrina has just had her Cross Country tournament two days ago and came back telling, "Ibu, K.Ngah dapat nombor 10". Wow! Despite her being an asthmatic, being no.10 is an achievement especially because she competes with those in standard 5 and 6. Congratulation my dear! I know you are a determinant.

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