Monday, February 7, 2011


KISAS. It's Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah now. Formerly known as Kolej Islam Kelang (KIK). Earlier was Kolej Islam Malaya (KIM). From this wonderful school, many has graduated to become the gem in the society. But there are also others who has fallen to the glitters of money and wealth.

I just came back from KISAS. My alma mater. Going there is a pleasure for me. A pleasure that no word can tell. I went there to submit the appeal form for my nephew, Muadz. He wanted to be a KISASian so much, but the decision is not on his side. As he has already got an offer from another SBP, therefore he is disqualified for an appeal to another SBP, that is according to the PKHEM, Ust Muhammad Ismail. According to the Ustaz, the applications were tremendous but they only accept about 300 hundred students. There are 12 classes with 3 being the religious stream (Aliran Agama) and 9 for the Science Stream (Aliran Sains). This is really different from when I was there. There were only 3 science classes and we are out numbered by the 7 art classes. Time changed.

Why KISAS? Why everybody wants to be there? Prestigious? Perhaps. I think it would be a dream of every pupils of the religious stream to enter KISAS after their PMR. I was one of them after my SRP. But, in my case, a stubborn as I am, I am willing to go to another school if I was not offered the Science stream. And Alhamdulillah, I was offered the Science stream and there I was for two years. Alhamdulillah .... 2 wonderful years.

Alhamdulillah, I was chosen. Allah has picked me to be in KIK (as it was called then). Why so special? I learn a lot there. The 'tarbiah' that I got there has actually groomed me into a better person. It taught me what are right and wrong in a wonderful ways. Usrah, qiamullail, tadarrus, solat jamaah, zikir - all these has sculptured me into a better muslimah. I am thankful to Allah swt. Thanks also to all the naqibah. I can still remember K.Aya, K.Jannah and k.Labdu. Those are the most respected seniors. When I first walked into it, all the activities are new, felt burdened at first, but soon after, we cherish the moments and welcome the activities. We felt the beauty of ibadah in a way that no words can tell.

I wish, I hope that one day, one of my children will be able to be there, in KISAS. To be part of the legacy. This is also the reason why I do not mind to go through all the process to try to get Muadz into the system. But, believe me Muadz, what Allah has prepared for you now is something better than what you thought. So, accept this as a test from Allah. Allah LOVES us always, only if we remember HIM and redha with HIS decision.

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