Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Augmented Reality is NOT Virtual Reality

Salam All,

How is it, with the title? Mengancam sikit kan. Now is 1318, Msian time. It means, lunch time. I had a late breakfast which I don't think I can eat anything now.

Tired with reading an article on Augmented Reality - I think I need a break. So, that is the reason why the title sound soooooo .... academic.

What is AR (AR is the acronym used to represent Augmented Reality)? Literally, augment means .. (taken from Merriam Webster Online Dictionary):

  1. to make greater, more numerous, or more intense augmented by its timing
  2. to add an augment


  1. WOW...sounds veryyyyyyyy academic....

  2. hihi ... sambil2 prepare utk kuliah. boleh rehearse sekali. Tengah dok fikir nak integrate AR in Quranic learning. JOM!