Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Yesterday (24/1/2011) I received an sms from my husband. It reads as follows:

"Salam, hari ini 24 januari ada cubaan pecah rumah di jln platinum X/X jam 11 pagi, suspek berbangsa arab dan menaiki kereta perdana hitam full tinted gelap. harap sebarkan utk kewaspadaan kita bersama."

Huh!!! This news really causes a stir in my mind and feeling. The neighbourhood that we live in is not safe anymore. Only few days earlier two cars, a Honda Accord and Toyota Hilux, went missing from a gated porch. A week earlier, there was an attempt to break-in into my friend's house. Also during day time. Two weeks ago, two men on a motorcycle came ringing my door bell at 11pm, claiming that they are from the Jabatan Perangkaan, came to double check the data they collected during the survey period. Boleh caya ke, kerja overtime sampai 11 mlm??? Heh!!!

Criminals are all around you. Around us. Everybody is calling for a tighter security among the neighbourhood. But what is the action? None, so far.

I only pray to You my God, Allah AlMighty, please protect us, our family and our belongings. Protect the neighbourhood from all the bad things. May we are always in your Mercy.

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