Sunday, January 2, 2011

Perpisahan dan Pengorbanan

Salam all,

Today is already 3rd of January 2011. 'THE DAY' is approaching. Nearer each day. 6th will be the registration day. My eldest daughter will be leaving our comfortable nest to endeavour a new life - a hostel life. It's not easy to let her go. Not because she's a great domestic helper for me, but most importantly because I'm sure I'll miss her. And I know hostel life is a tough life, it is a 360 degree turn from a comfortable nest that she used to be in. But ... that is the sacrifices that we had to do. We want her to grow, no longer clinging to ibu for every single thing. She is a big girl now. She will soon be facing a more fiery world outside. Therefore, this a training for her, to learn, to see the other part of the world, other than what she has known all this while.

My dear Kakak,
This is dedicated for you. You should always remember that we always LOVE you and will always be. We send you off to the hostel not to punish you, what more to separate us, but we send you to the hostel so that you will be able to learn to live in a life without parents to consistently guiding you. To live a life without parents to daily reminding you of what should be and what should not be. It is to train you to become more responsible of your ownself.

My dear, my love,
Please take this opportunity to show that you can be the best. You are the cream of all. You can become a good muslim, mukminah solehah - even without me by your side. Here, far from your sight, Ibu will always near in your heart as my prayers will always go for you, for your good well beings, rahmah, 'izzah, and forgiveness from ALLAH. Remember ALLAH all the time, for when I am not there to help you but He, ALLAH al-Rahman, al-Rahim will always be there for you. Seek help only from HIM because no other can give you the assistance that you wish for except HIM. Remember HIM by performing solat with khusyu' and recite the Quran daily. ALLAH's word (al-Quran) has a healing power that will heal your lonely heart.

Go my child, go. May Allah's blessing be with you all the time.


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