Saturday, January 8, 2011

Misi Menghantar Atikah

Ini cerita 'flashback'. 6th of January is the registration day, so we had to go to Dungun on Wednesday. We went there after 4pm and reached Dungun at 10.30pm. Hush!!! what a long journey..... Dah sampai, baru la sibuk nak isi borang, al-maklum la, borang tak sempat sampai. Nasib baik Cikgu Mahiran @aka MakCik Yan tolong ambilkan, or else lambat la proses pendaftaran hari Khamis tu.

Thursday morning, we drove to the school. The registration process was swift, Alhamdulillah. It was drizzling a bit, but we can still move around from one registration to another without the umbrella. 11.30am was the briefing, listening to the briefing, we felt confident to leave her there (kalau tak pun, akan tinggal jugak). What I like most was the reciting Quran activity which was made compulsory by the Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Trengganu. Alhamdulillah. That is what I was hoping for. The briefing finished at 12.30pm and the rain started to pour cats and dogs. But .... we have another mission to accomplished ... going to Kuala Trengganu. Hihihihi...... So we went, in the rain. Thanks Ayah for your willingness to drive us there. It was a happy journey (despite the rain), we chat all the way. And yes, it was raining, raining, raining and raining non-stop. What an experience!!!!

What are we going to do in K.Trengganu???? Ha ha ... good question. Buat apa ye??? To buy frozen roti canai and kayu keramat. "Nak beli roti canai je?", asked Mifzal. Ye tak ye jugak, takkan nak beli roti canai je???? Therefore, despite the rain, from Losong, we drove to Pulau Duyung, to Masjid Kristal. Kelakar, kelakar ... tengah-tengah hujan boleh gi sight seeing. The advantage, the masjid is ours!!!! By the way, I have always wanted to visit the masjid. Ye la, kilauannya yang menggamit dari kejauhan. Setiap kali menyeberangi jambatan tu, aku memang teringin sangat nak ke masjid tu. Alhamdulillah, Allah makbulkan hajatku.

Dewan solat muslimin

the attractive exterior

However, pardon me, there's leaking here and there. I regret not taking the photo of the leaks. Really hope that the management will take good care of the masjid.


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