Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kemewahan? Kesenangan?

Salam all,

It has been a while since my last entry. Biasa la kan. Memang tak update tiap2 hari pun. Hmmm... how I wish I could update the blog everyday. My work, my house chores are eating up my time. The leftover time I used it to slump on the sofa for a little rest before dozed off to sleep.

Kemewahan? Kesenangan?

Well, we are not the rich and famous. But we try our best to provide the best to our children. Despite that, the kids said, "ibu dan ayah kedekut. kawan2 lain senang je nak beli barang2". My dearest, we are stingy for your own good.

Actually, I have enough writing about Atikah and her hostel. But this is something I hope could be an eye opener to parents. When we sent Atikah to the hostel, she was sad to see the condition of the dorm, with the bed written all over with marker pen, the setting of the beds. She thought hostel is something like what she saw in the IPTAs - luxury place to stay. That is another reason that makes her begged us to stay out of the hostel (tapi jgn haraplah). Her other frineds seem happy with the new environment. Why the different mood and perception???? Until my sister told us the background of her friends, I can see the reason.

Most of the students at the hostel came from a not so wealthy family (we are not too). Some of them has never sleep on a bed before (only on mattress that need to be laid down every night). To these friends, having a bed for themselves, having a locker for themselves, eating chicken and ice cream every week are all very exciting and luxury experience. While for Atikah .... nothing excites her from her friend's exciting list - she had always enjoyed those things before.

This is where we went wrong. We pampered her with too much with the wealth that we have (I am just a middle income group who lives in metropolitan - Shah Alam). And she became very weak and no fighter, unable to adapt to a more difficult environment. Bak kata tok, "biasanya, petik jari semua dapat". Betullah kata orang, "kesenangan tidak dicari melalui kesenangan". Semoga kami masih mempunyai masa untuk memperbetulkan keadaan.

p/s. Atikah tak percaya masih ada orang kat Malasysia ni yang masih tidur atas tilam tanpa katil!!!! ignorant kah dia???? - a result of techno and gadget kids.

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