Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dekat Benci, Jauh Rindu

Salam All,

Sorry if the recent postings are all about my daughter and her hostel. Baru sorang anak kat hostel, riuhnya seMalaya, itulah diibaratkan. Just to share a bit of a funny story. Sabrina told us yesterday, "K.Ngah rindu nak kena marah dengan kakak". Macam ni punya orang pun ada ka? Rindu nak kena marah. That's what people said, 'Blood is thicker than water". How hateful you are to your siblings, when they are away, you know that you actually love them. It's proven. We (my sister and I) were once are like the cat and dogs (ada ke istilah camtu dalam BI??). Memang tak boleh berdamai. Sentiasa gaduh. I never knew the reason. Whatever that I do then, were always a nuisance to her. Not until when we were separated. That is when she went to a hostel. Whenever she came back for school hols, she will bring something for me. The first thing that she ever bought me was a mechanical pencil. It was not a very easy to get item more than 30 years ago. I proudly brought it to school to show it to my friends the present that I got from my sister. Masa tu barulah terasa seronoknya ada kakak (eh! mata duitan ke aku ni??? tak kot.......). And until today we are VERY close. A person that I could share and of course gossipping...hihi.

The history repeats, now my eldest is at the hostel being missed by her siblings. Hope it will nurture to a firm bond between them, rahmatillah. Amin.

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