Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And the Phone Rang Again

Last night, as I was busy with the kids - helping them with their homework, I can listened to my husband's phone ringing. Since it was in my bedroom, I was too lazy to crawl up the stairs to get it. The phone stops ringing. Few minutes later it rang again. I did not bother to get it because I know it must be for him and he is not to be reach at the moment. itulah masalahnya - selalu sangat tak nak bawa hp bila keluar rumah. If it is an important call (from my family), I'm sure the caller will call my number.

"Assalamualaikum", ayah's voice from outside the door. "Waalaikum salam", we replied. "Handphone ayah bunyi tadi", Sabrina pro-actively informing ayah of the phone ring. "Oh! OK", was his usual reply. I can here talking over the phone. Someone must have passed away, I guest.

"Ada orang meninggal kat rumah Hj Hamdan Kristal", my husband's short explanation confirmed my guest. This year alone, there are already 4 death in our neighbourhood. Every news on the demise of any member of the society really touches my heart as I know that my time will be soon. And I, I am still damn busy with my working life which left very little time to devote myself to the Creator. or is it just a reason????

Innalillahi wainna ilaihi raji'un. May Allah bless the roh of the alllahyarhamah, a 74 year old lady living with her kids. Al-fatihah.

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  1. correction 2 death so far this year, the other 2 were in Dec 2010