Monday, December 27, 2010

A Trip UpNorth Again (Part 1)

Last week Ayah decided to 'balik kampung' again. To visit our parents, mak&bapak in Permatang Pauh and mak&abah in Sg Petani. This time, ayah decided to travel after Friday office hours. Therefore, ibu got to prepare some tidbits to keep ayah's eye open through the journey, ibu, will definitely doozed off despite how hard I try to keep awake.

In order to reach Kampung as soon as possible, we decided not to stop during journey, thus, ibu prepared 'dinner' - the Nasi Goreng while Hakim & Sabrina were at the WetWorld Water Park with the cousins. Atikah? As usual, hooked to the internet.

At 6pm, ayah arrived home, early than he usually does. "Budak2 tu mana?", ayah asked. "Kat WetWorld dgn Mia dan Chal", I answered. Mia and Chal were the cousins. "Dah masak Nasi goreng untuk diaorang. Nanti tak payah berhenti makan lagi. lambat", I suggested. "OK", was the short reply from my husband. Few minutes later, the kids arrived home. "Ada makanan tak?", was their first question. "Ada, ibu dah masak nasi goreng. Makan kenyang2, nanti tak payah berhenti makan lagi.", was my reply. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Lega. Anak2 dah makan, so we can have a very brief stop at the R&R just to freshen ayah a bit, I thought. We begin the journey that night slightly before 8pm.

Approaching Rawang, a voice from the back row of the car is heard, "Kita nak makan kat mana nanti?". WHAT???!@#$%^ KORANG TAK KENYANG LAGI KE??? DAH SEKUALI NASI GORENG IN DIGESTION????

I looked at Ayah, Ayah smile .... hmmm .... anak2ku sedang membesar. OK kids, we'll stop for dinner somewhere.


  1. usual kids are having fun with food..len kali ibu msk 2 kuali la ns grg bru cukup..hehe

  2. ye la .... kena masak 2 kuali kot. masak kat kedai yang satu kuali lagi tu. ;P