Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Used to be Garden

Salam all,

I was going through my old digital photo collections and come across with these old photos --- flowers and plants on my used to be garden. Then I realized, many other photos has gone missing. i cannot remember where I saved it. That is what happen when you are unorganized. Nobody to be blamed my dear, it's your fault, 100% yours. I lost the photos of my used to be cactus collection huhuhu... It is a used-to-be garden as most of the garden area has to go for the expansion of the house (as the household expands .... in size ;-p).

Let's just walk through the yesterdays ....

I used to have a herbs garden at backyard where I normally pick my ingredients for the Nasi Ulam. But now, everything has to be picked at the market barter trade with some RM. Huhuhu... Well, people said, 'You have to give up something for something else'.

Apa2pun aku amat bersyukur dengan kurniaan Illahi yang tidak ternilai ini. Sekarang, taman kecilku sudah menghijau kembali. Walau tidak serimbun yang dulu selaras dengan kudrat ini.

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