Thursday, December 16, 2010

Back to Work

Salam all,

Argh ..... hmmm ..... that was an enjoying weekend that I had... What? Talking about about weekend when it is already Thursday??? Well, I had a long weekend ... a holiday actually. Beginning Friday. Friday-Sunday was the Central Spectrum's family day (it is where my husband earn our living, Alhamdulillah) in Malacca. A Famosa, Alor Gajah, to be exact. Co-incidentally I have a conference in Malacca too from Monday-Tuesday. Therefore, from Alor Gajah we moved to the Malacca town, Mahkota Hotel. It was our first time at the Mahkota Hotel (though many times in Malacca before). The place is nice. It has two large pools. The kids were up to the heel, enjoying their time there while ibu at the conference. Ayah? Bored to death watching the kids enjoying their time at the pool. They did not even bothered to visit the Malacca town as we had visited it quite recently.

The family day was enjoying too. Upon arrrival, we join the 'Walk Hunt'. Phew!!!! What a walk! To someone who seldom walk that far, it was a perspiring evening for me. And Gosh!!! then I realised that I need to do some exercise .....huhuhu time for that???? don't think so .... but it's important especially when i have been putting extra weight lately. So how??????? Anyway, we won the second place - a RM200 Jaya Jusco's voucher. Ok ape??? After checking-in to the apartment unit we were assigned to, we agreed on a 'Saidina' game. It was one of the best game ever as all five of us were playing together - something that we rarely had the opportunity to do together. Well, this is really a FAMILY DAY. Other activities were water activities at the A Famosa Waterpark, visited the Carnival at the cowboy town and to the Safari park. And of course the highlight of this family day is the DINNER and lucky draw --- huhuhu we were not lucky this time.

After Malacca, we stop by at our most visited town (South-bound), Port Dickson. We conclude our 2010 vacation at another hotel in Port Dickson. We found another fun-to-stay hotel. The kids EXTREMELY enjoy this stay. Large and comfortable room. We enjoyed the swimming pool together. We hope to come back here.

Sabrina & Hakim with their Kumon bags. Tu yang mahal tu!!! Cuti2 pun kena buat kerja. Kesiannnn.

After more than five days travelling, the heap of clothes to be washed - need not mention. Alhamdulillah it was sunny a day after we got back.

Back at the office, I took almost 1/2 a day just to responds to emails. Huhuhu..... Read it carefully, RESPOND not just reading it.

Well, life is a circle. Coming January, the semester begins and I will be again, inundated with heaps of things to do. And still, i LOVE my job. Thank you Allah for blessing me with a happy and wonderful life. Forgive me Ya Allah for I sometimes forget to show my gratitude to you. Forgive me Ya Allah.

"Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?"
Surah al-Rahman.

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