Saturday, December 11, 2010

Atikah digigit kuda


It's family day in Malacca. One of the stop is the SAFARI PARK, A Famosa. We enjoyed the train ride, passing through the animals (kita le pulak yg kt dlm sangkar). But of course the wild animals are the main attraction. Next we went on foot along the trails for more animals.

Photos? Yes, we took lots of them. We stopped at the horses area. The horses looks tame. nuzzling as people touches them. So, we decided to shoot photo with a horse. 'Ok kids, stand closer to the horse. Don't be afraid', I told the kids. One, two, SMILE! .... But ... oh, Atikah's sweater attracted the horse. Ouch!!! With it's strong teeth, it get holds of Atikah's sweater. Terkejut besar Atikah jadinya ...... (photo will be uploaded later). Chiao!!

Atikah belum perasan kuda dah nak mula menggigit


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