Friday, December 3, 2010

Anak Dara Kita (Our Daughters)

Salam all,

2 days off from blogging, but not my mind. I even managed to compose the sentences that I would want to type in my blog (in my mind), but I cannot accommodate the blogging activity within the 24hours a day given to me by the creator, Allah ya Rabb. So many, many things are going on. Rushing as always to complete a task, one after another. And my schedule for December is almost full, that is not including preparing the exam question before the semester begin yet.

That Thursday, it was almost 4.45pm, I was rushing to the administration building. By hook or by crook I need to get the signature of the deputy dean by that day and send the letter off to the ministry early next morning. As I was crossing the road separating our building and the admin building, I saw Ust Firdaus parking his car. 'Subhanallah, it's tafsir class today. and Ustaz is already here', I said to myself. I rush to deputy dean's office. Breathlessly I explained the letter to him and ask for his signature. Then I quickly rush back to my room to perform my solat before joining the class.

When I entered the class, Ustaz was talking about 'istighfar' and 'taubah'. According to Ustaz, istighfar is not considered taubah but when we perform taubah, istighfar will definitely be part of it.

Now to the main topic for today's entry.

Ustaz also mentioned that, according to Hadith Sohih: (the description is something like this)

When rewarded with daughters, and if we are able to educate them well,
teach them what is wrong and right.
And they obeyed us and become ahlul-jannah,
the daughters will be an obstacle, a shield that will prevent the parents from the fire of hell, jahannam.

But ....
the daughter must be ahlul-jannah, or else, she will not be able to become the shield.

At that time, I was hoping, praying that I would be a daughter that would become a shield that will prevent my parents from the fiery fire of the jahannam. And I was also hoping and praying that my daughters will also become the ahlul-jannah and become our shield. Which means that there's a heavy task ahead of us to educate our daughters. Educate alone is not enough, as we, parents must also make sure that they will become ahlul-jannah. How? We, must also consistently guide them and do not let them go astray, guide them in choosing their path, in whatever things that they do, from a simple thing like the choice of dress that they wear to their choice of friends. Everything. Even if they have turn from a child, to teenager or even if they have become adult, the responsibility to guide will never stop.

I am worried enough just by looking and reading about our teenagers nowadays.

Ya Allah, Kau peliharalah anak-anakku, zuriat keturunanku. Peliharalah mereka agar tetap berada di jalanMu, janganlah kau pesongkan hati mereka setelah Kau berikan petunjuk. Ampunilah dosa kami kerana kelalaian kami dalam menjalankan tanggungjawab kami untuk mendidik anak-anak kami. Semoga anak-anak kami termasuk dalam golongan hambaMu yang Engkau redhai dan berkati sepanjang usia mereka. Amin.


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