Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sharing a house

My husband came home a bit late last nite. He was home at almost 8.15pm, just as the Azan was heard from the Surau near my house. After the solat at the surau, he then head to the Community Hall for his weekly badminton game. Which means that I was left ALONE at home that night.

Hmmm... nak buat apa ye??? Staying alone, I venture the internet for a while, then move on to my routine work, folding clothes, an overdue task (again). That was done while watching a not so interesting show on the TV (hmmm....I wonder when my husband will agree to subsrcribing Astro ... argh...). As it was quite quiet that nite, I can clearly listen to door squeking. Opening and closing. I said to myself, "kerap betul Makcik kat sebelah ni buka dan tutup pintu. dan betapalah tak 'sound proof'nya rumah ni sampaikan bunyi pintu pun boleh dengar". As the Makcik live there with her husband, grandchildren and a son, I thought the frequent sound of opening and closing of the door is normal. At times, I can hear her grandchildren playing marble, or I can hear Makcik moving her furniture around, which is quite often. But the sound was sooo near, but it does not come from my house. I've checked all doors, there's no door left open, furthermore, I am alone, who could possibly open the door. Now .... I begin to think of something else. I am determined to ask Makcik.

This morning, after the dawn tazkirah, I had the opportunity to talk to Makcik and asked her whether her grandchildren play marble at night. The answer was a NO. Oh oh .... who played marbles then???? We have heard it so many times. Even my kids heard that too (when they were at home). Then Makcik told me that she frequently hear I moved the furniture. Oh Oh Oh .... my OOOOOOO getting bigger. Masha Allah, all this while, I thought the sound of the furniture moving comes from the Makcik's house. And Makcik thought it comes from our house .... where does the sound comes from??? Are there other inhabitants in our homes???? OOOOOh OOOh.....

"Dan tidak kami jadikan jin dan manusia kecuali untuk menyembah Ku" ... this is a verse of al-Quran. Yes, no doubt, Allah has created others besides humans. And they are around us - invisble - an we normally do not realise their existense.

What should I do now?? 'We' have been sharing the house happily, so far. Do I need to get assistance??? Do I need to relocate them???? I do not have the answer yet ....



  1. oh takutnya..meremang bulu roma.. hehe..lepas ni takmau dh la pi umh maksu..

  2. relax la cik firah. 'we' have been living happily.

    ada bakat jadi penulis cerita seram tak????? hihi