Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pahlawan Islam - The Islamic Warriors

I was glued to my computer, yesterday at about 5.30pm. I was busy searching for more information about Chechnya, Chechen and what's going on down there. What motivates me was this book: Pahlwan Islam Kontemporari: Para Peminang Bidadari.

I bought this book, yesterday afternoon, after my visit to my loyal bank.??? Uppsss ..... I am actually the loyal customer as I was with the bank for more than 15 years. My account with the bank is as long as my service to this organization - UiTM dihatiku.

A U-turn to our original topic - the warriors in Islam - This book was written by Atriza Umar. According to the writer, she wrote what she believes, and she believes that the people in this book are the warriors and heroes for their people and religion for they are willing to sacrifice and die for their religion and beliefs - As-syahid. As-syahid is a name we called the Muslims who died in their due for Islam. They are the people who were promised Jannah, the heaven in the hereafter. What a wonderful reward for all the sacrifices that they made. The book listed 10 names of the syuhada' (the plural for As-syahid).

They are:
  1. Dzohar Musayevich Dudayev
  2. Ibnul Khattab
  3. Abdallah Syamil Salmanovich Basayev
  4. Hassan al-Banna
  5. Sayyid Qutb
  6. Syeikh Abdullah Yusuf Azzam
  7. Yahya Abdul Latiff Ayyash
  8. Syekh Ahmad Yassin
  9. Abdul Aziz Rantisi
  10. Khalid Ahmad Sawki Islambouli
Out of the 10 names, I only knew about 5 of them (Hassan al-Banna, Syed Qutb, Abdullah Yusuf Azzam, Syeikh Ahmad Yassin & Abdul Aziz Rantisi) heard the name before of only one person (Dudayev) and never even heard of the other 4 names. Am I suppose to be ashamed of myself???? Yes, I should ----PUT YOUR HEADS DOWN!!! YOU ARE FAR FROM JIHAD!!!!

I was glued to the computer after reading the story of the first man, Dzohar Musayevich Dudayev. Yes, I heard his name before. I know that he is a leader of some country (but could not be bothered to know who he is, and where he is from -- then). It was an interesting new knowledge to me after reading it from this book.

Dudayev was a Chechen, the native of Chechnya, born during the dictatorship of Stalin in the then Soviet Union. His family was once chased out of Chechnya and only return to Chechnya when Stalin was no longer the leader. He grew up to serve as a Commandant in the Soviet Union Air Force. He quits the force when asked by his superior to attack the Baltics. In 1991, the same year with the falling of Soviet Union to communist (Boris Yeltsin), Dudayev became the Presiden of Chechnya, and lead the republic to a success and glory of their time.

1 December 1994, Yeltsin ordered his army to attack Chechnya, as he sees them as a threat when the Chechen started to control their own economy and having their own currency which is against the communism. Dudayev fought back in order to defend his Islamic republic. He ran into the woods where all the attacks begin. He wasn't easy to locate as he moves a lot, but one long satellite conversation leads the communist to his location (with the help of American tracking device) and killed him in 1996.

Where was I when all these happen??? Enjoying my life luxuriously (if compared to to the Chechen who was killed and raped mercilessly). A search on the internet resulted with an unresolved situation in Chechnya. They are still fighting to free themselves from the Russia.

O Allah!! forgive me for my insensitivity for not giving a helping hand to the brothers and sisters who are fighting for Islam (if they do) with at least a dua'.


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