Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Just came back from 'dinner' at the faculty. Husband not around, went for his regular badminton game. Kids are still in Sg Petani, missing me ... ye ke missing their mother???? Or perhaps they're enjoying their days there. One simple proof, Hakim will quickly say, 'bye ibu', when asked why, he will answer, 'Nak main game'. Huhuhu..... game lagi penting ke??? But I'm sure deep inside he loves me forever, InsyaAllah.

Hmm.... alone again. I went upstairs, grab my netbook and turn it on from the TV area. The first application that I run was a recitation by al-Ghamidi. It's soothing to listen to the recitation of Quran. My main objective to turn on the netbook was to prepare for my tomorrow's presentation - result's presentation. But.... since blogging (lately), I will feel an emptiness if not clicking to the blogspot ....chewwah.....

Makan-makan@dinner as the title implies ---- what's so special about it? I was at the dinner with all my might, at first. Going out at night is just not me. But, when at the dinner, I enjoyed it. What's that that make makes me enjoy the dinner??? .... the friendship - ukhuwwah. I get to meet friends from the other campuses. It's time to create rapport. Even though I sat most of time with colleagues from Shah Alam, but I do chat with others too.

Malay proverbs ...'Berkawan biar seribu, berkasih biar satu' - translation "Let's have thousands of friends, but there's only one lover' (agak-agak je lah ye hihi)..... it's true, it's good to have lot's of friends, hence, wherever you go, you will always have friends to turn to. Blogging can also bring lots of friend, but I have yet to get many (sob sob sob).


p/s. We had 'steam-boat' for dinner.


  1. Enjoy your company also... see you tomorrow in meeting LAF..

    don't worry Ina, bloggers friends will come slowly, you just keep on writing sincerely, don't forget sambil berblogging sambil berdakwah...IA... at least tak dapat berjihad di medan perang, kita berjihad menggunakan mata pena! (in our case...guna keyboard lah...hehehe)

  2. thanks k.azzah. hopefully apa saja yang kita buat mendapat ganjaran pahala darinya.