Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blog Stat

I've been blogging for almost two years but I admit that I've never explored the buttons and menus available on the dashboard, not until yesterday. Yesterday, before leaving the office at about 5.40pm, I clicked on the 'Stat' just to see what will it show. Since the internet connection was too slow, i left the office leaving my computer in a sleep mode.

This morning, when I came, this is what i found out about the 'Stat' menu. It gives all the statistical information on your blog hit such as, where most of the referrals comes from, where are your audience from and total number of hits in a week, month etc. WOW!

This is the screen capture of my blog hits. I have a total of only about 370+ hits. But that surprises me already as I thought nobody was reading it. I write for fun, just to throw out some thoughts that I have in my mind.

Hmmmm .... it's good to blog.




  1. salam,

    hehehe..baru discover? good... I see you've already join the nuffnang community... letak aje ads to kat tempat2 strategik... without you realizing it, you'll earn something...

    take it positively, sambil berbloggin kita boleh berdakwah

  2. waalaikum salam,

    Hihihi ... baru tergerak hati nak klik2 menu yang ada kat situ. Seronok berblog, tapi tak ada banyak kesempatan untuk update.