Friday, October 22, 2010

What did you bring to school?

Yes, what did our kids bring to school? Heavy bags ... sampai senget bahu ... damaged bags before year end ....have you ever wondered?

I admit, it was my mistake that I seldom make a spot-check on what my kids have in their bag. I only check it once a while. Recently, I asked Hakim to take out his book and do some revision as exam is just round the corner. He kept on saying that there is no book in the bag. How can we believe it when it is obvious that the bag is heavy. Not satisfied with the answer, Hazirah make a move to the bag, and pull out everything that is in the bag, and found this .......

And .... the above is what we found. True there's no book to be used for revision. All are only storybooks and one text book.

Oh! Anakku ... anakku.

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