Friday, June 4, 2010

April, May, June

Salam. ..

My last entry was on April. Gone is May. Now is June. Time flies. Everbody was telling that. We often listen it travels from mouths to mouths.

Alhamdulillah, here we are, still breathing, enjoying the life that Allah gives us. The beautiful life. Freely moves around to anywhere we want, eating whatever we like, doing things we like to do. have you ever think of how our brothers and sisters in Gaza are feeling right now??? Yeah, we seldom ignored that. I did!!! I tend to forget about it, whereas, our brothers and sisters are fighting for life day and night, non-stop! But we? We stop thinking about them. When new issues arise, we open our eyes, and ears. Then we close it again, back to our wonderful life. But our brothers and sisters back there are fighting for their country, for Islam, protecting the Masjid al-Aqsa with their lives as we should. But what are we doing??? Enjoying our life........


I first know about this through an update on one facebook. I read it, then ignored it. A slight pity for the victims. Did not care to read further. Did not care to know what has actually happened. But, when my husband came back from surau informing that Dr Syed (our family doctor) was on board that ship, I was startled, Astaghfirullah al-Azim ...... I have been such an ignorant, when everybody is praying the Qunut Nazilah, I was still happily doing things I like to do. What will I answer in front of Rabb. I am ashamed of myself. Ya Allah, please forgive me.

What can we as Muslim do:
1) Keep on praying for their safety, health and the defeat for the Zionist, la'natullah.
2) Infaq - as much as we can.
3) Educate our children. Inculcate the loving habits among muslims.

I watched the morning talk show this morning, MHI. Ust Zahazan was telling how the Zionist implant the hatred towards Palestinians among their children. Their mathematics questions will sound something like this:
"If Daniel (a jew's name) killed 3 Palestinian boys today, another 3 Palestinian boys tomorrow, how many Palestinian boys has Daniel killed?"

It makes them feel it's OK to kill Palestinians. i think we should practice the same. Not to implant the hatred but instead, the love among muslims, helping habits. Infaq habits among our children in order to help others. And also, start teaching our children to say their doa for all the muslims.

When do we start?? It's NOW!!!!!

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