Thursday, June 10, 2010

24 hours a Day


Everybody has 24 hours a day. How I spend my day yesterday (9th june 2010).

Fajr -
Solat, recite al-Ma'thurat.

7.30 am -
Prepare children's luggage. They will flew to Sg Petani today, to spend the holiday with Makt Tok & Tok Wan Mi. That is their wish. Since we are now at transit home, most of their belongings are still at home, thus, they are quite bored spending time at home while both parents are busy at work. As a solution, call Mak Tok, survey the situation in Sg Petani, with a green light, ayah bought three one way Firefly ticket to Penang. Atikah was supposed to lead the journey back home. But .... as I said earlier, 'was supposed to', things do not happen as we plan. They need an 18 years old to accompany a minor (below 12 years old) on a flight.

8.00 am -
Send Kakak to tuition.

8.30 am -
Mak Cik Yan arrives with 4 of her children. We had breakfast while chatting. Wow! There's always millions of things to talk about. Mostly family matters. We were worried at mak's condition. She sufferred a severe join-pain. It troubled her to move around while bapak too in incapable of taking care of himself. We pitied them, but what can we do. We tried to persuade her to employ a made, but she refused saying that she is not comfortable of having a stranger in the house.

9.30 am -
Fetch Atikah from tuition. Continue our family chat.

10.30 am -
Getting ready to Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang. Mak cik Yan is sending us off. Yes, it's 'US', my children and me. As I mentioned earlier, Firefly does not allow minors to travel without an adult. And the adult must be at least 18 years old. Therefore, Atikah is not qualified as adult. As a solution, ayah had to buy another return tickets for ibu to accompany the kids. Atikah must be relieved if only she knows this earlier. She was worried sick to travel alone, only with the siblings. But, she must start learn to take responsibility.

11.05 am -
Mak Cik Yan drove Naza to the airport. It was her first time driving a NAza. Well, it's just another car. We arrive at the airport, mak cik Yan dropped us at the entrace while she proceed to the parking bay. I made Atikah handle the check-in, beginning from scanning the bag and check-in at the counter for the boarding pass. She still look very worried as she didn't khnow that ibu had to go with them. The boarding time is 1150. So, we find a seat and continue our chat.

11.50 am -
It's time to go. I reminded Atikah again of the Gate No. and the flight no. She looked worry. Approaching the boarding door, I had to give-in and tell them that I'm going. They (Atikah & Sabrina) were all happy. Hakim, like a brave young man, marched forward, wouldn't care if ibu is coming or not. But was happy to see ibu walking together with them to the boarding gate. Luckily, this was not their first time flying, they know what to do at the scanning point. And Alhamdulillah, they did not forget to recite the travelling doa before boarding the aircraft.

12.20 pm-
As scheduled, the flight took-off. Hakim was excited. So does Sabrina. As I sat beside Hakim, I had to entertain his questioning session almost all the way from Subang Jaya to Penang. They enjoyed the fly as its day time and the aircraft flew low.

1.20 pm -
As scheduled again, the aircraft touched down, landed safely, Alhamdulillah. I let Atikah to lead the way to the luggage claim area. Told her to look at the flight no at the conveyer, told her to look-out for their bag. And with little assistant, she managed to pull the bag down the conveyer belt. Waiting outside the arrival hall, is Pak Cik Li, who is surprised to see ibu was there too.

2.15 pm-
Ibu asked them to head off to Sg Petani as Mak Tok must be eagerly waiting for them (they are hungry too). Ibu grabbed a 'Fillet-o-Fish' at the McDonald to satisfy my hunger. I was reluctant to buy the McDonald knowing that they contribute to Israel's economy, but there was no choice left for ibu as it is already too late for lunch. After a solat (jama') and a light lunch, Ibu headed to the check-in counter to head back to Subang Jaya.

3.15 pm -
Ibu went into the boarding area, find a place to sit and have a good reading. Yes, I really enjoyed all the time that I had to read the book that I just bought at the Popular Bookstore last Saturday, 'Cinta di Bumi Gaza'. Turning from one page - to - another, and sometime looking around at so many walks of life in front of me, when suddenly an announcement was made that there will be a slight delay, 30 minutes delay!!! Instead of 4.15pm, the flight will only take off at 4.50pm and reach Subang at approximately 5.50pm. I informed K.Yan not to fetch me as I know that she is going back to Dungun tonite. I will take a cab.

5.45 pm -
Alhamdulillah, the aircraft landed safely. I quicky walked my way out of the arrival hall, bought a taxi ticket, and heading back to Shah Alam. It RM32!!

6.30 pm -
Reached home, waited for Ayah to have a peek at the renovation site.

7.10 pm -
Getting ready for Maghrib.

8.00 pm -
To the surau for some 'soup for the soul'.

9.30 pm -
Went out for late dinner.

10.30 pm -
Dooooozeee offffff .................feeling very tired.

That is how I spent my day on the 9th of June 2010. all the time was spent for a good will, nothing spent unknowingly, but still I felt that so much more can be done with these hours.

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