Thursday, March 4, 2010


Lain sikit bunyinya tajuk kali ni.

Trying to make a difference. Differences make the world we live in interesting. Everything and everyone is uniqu
e. The uniqueness teach us to be ready to accept and willing to tolerate. Even the person that we love so much is very different from us - that's our LIFE PARTNER. Again, when we can see the differences, ready to accept and tolerate with it, insyaAllah, it wll make our life interesting. Love anf Life is a sharing that is full of tolerance and understanding. When the pillar is made of IMAN, the relationship will last happily, InsyaAllah.

Wah! wah! Wah! bersyarah le pulak makcik ni ye .... bukan bersyarah, sebaliknya mengingatkan diri sendiri. Supaya sering berpaksikan iman dan taqwa dalam kehidupan berumah tangga serta mengamalkan toleransi dan kesefahaman. Tapi semuanya tak akan berhasil jika hanya sebelah pihak yang berusaha ke arahnya. Di sinilah kembali kepada cara memilih jodoh, jika pilihan kita berteraskan iman, amal dan akhlak, insyaAllah semuanya akan diberkati Allah.

Talking about the life partner, it was my husband's birthday last 02 March 2010. His 42nd birthday. We (the kids & me) have planned a surprise birthday treat for him. Unfortunately, his birthday falls on Tuesday, which is my 'busy day', with 4 hours class, meeting and discussions. "Tak sompet den nak poe beli kek eh ..." . Therefore, we decided to do it on Wednesday. It is supposed to be a candle light surprise, tapi, ayah balik awai la pulak hari Rabu tu .... tak sempat nak gelap (selalunya ayah sampai setelah matahari berlabuh, kena bukak lampu). He got home earlier than me. How can I snoop in with that large box of cake. MMMM .... kena cari idea ni! How to get him out of the house???? YES! Ask him to take Hakim to the clinic whom happen to be having flu and coughing. I quickly get home while he is out. At home, I get the girls to sign the birthday card I bought and assigned Atikah to get Hakim's signature.

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to Ayah, Happy Birthday to You.

We sang the birthday song while I bring the cake out with a candle lit on it. We can see the surprise and happy face on him. He was shocked. He never thought that we would do this.

Happy Birthday my dear husband. May your life is blessed by Allah in your endeavour with an increase Iman and Taqwa each day. WE LOVE YOU.

And this is what I get for him as suggested by Atikah. De'Parfum.


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