Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kasih Anak

"Kasih ibu membawa ke syurga,
kasih saudara bawa bahagia,
kasih anak???? ..... moga tiada derita".

Those are the Malay proverbs ( the first two lines), the third line is 100% mine, therefore no citation is required.

This entry is a continution to my previous entry. It is about what we have discovered when we were in Sg Petani. Something that we never thought would happen so close to us. Something that we have read in newspapers, listen from the news and shook head about it. It's definitely not something pleasant to hear. Especially when it happen to a person who has fed you when you were small, washed and bathe you when you were young, stayed up when you were sick, supported you when you are sad and suport you financially when you begin your adult life ... not when it happen to a person you called 'MAK'.

We wanted to visit my husband's auntie who was not feeling well and stayed with her daughter in Alor Setar. Since we have never been to that house, we called to get the location or address (well, mobile google map will asisst us to the location), but was told that auntie is now in a nursing home as the daughter is going elsewhere. Oh! Nursing home??? Well ... nowing the well-off auntie, we were quite sure that 'the' nursing home will be that rich people normally send their parents to. Beautiful aircond room, private nurse and nice ambience .... this must be pretty interesting to visit. Since the place is just in Sg PEtani, Abah decided to follow us.

Astaghfirullahal azim. Subhanallah.
My heart shouts as I stepped down from the car in front of the nursing home. With untrimmed grass, someone screaming intermittently, few others wandering around the gated house unpurposely, we stepped into the house. We asked permission to see auntie and was directed into the house. I was looking at few ladies on the wheelchair, thinking that auntie might be one of them, but NO!, auntie was lying on the bed helplessly.

We walked closer to her, she looked up, tears started to run down her aged cheek (she was 82 years old), and she said, "Wan mai? La .... tut tut tut macam dok kat neraka. Tak boleh dok la. Ingat kot tempat ni ada doktor boleh bagi ubat. Depa hantag mai sini. Tengok la ....". She was sighing. Abah was so lost of words. He was very upset. Don't worry Abah, your children will never do this to you, insyaAllah.

I felt like crying but I hold back my tears as I have to be strong or I will add the stress in her. We talked, we get her few things that she requested and wnet back. We cannot take her back immediately as we are not the decision maker.

Auntie does not have any child on her own. However she has 4 adopted children who are now successful in their own life. Auntie took care of them just like any mother would. Even if auntie is not their flesh and blood, readers, .... just think! would you do that to someone you called Mak???? Will you???

They might have their reasons. Whatever their reasons are ... it's not the way to treat someone whom you called MAK. When auntie was taken to the hospital in ambulance (she cannot walk on her own due to the illness), her blood pressure was so low, it was 80/35. Her face was swollen (not sure why). Alhamdulillah, auntie has caring sisters who stayed nearby who are concern about her and send her to the hospital. And now auntie is recovering.

"Ya Allah, aku pohon kepadaMu, kau kurniakanlah kami, anak-anak yang soleh dan soleh, yang berjasa kepada kami, ibu bapanya. Berikanlah mereka kasih sayangmu dan rahmatmu. Kau peliharalah kami dari segala perbuatan yang tidak sepatutnya ke atas kedua ibubapa kami. Ampunilah mereka ya Allah. Amin."

Note: Wa Mah passed away in July 2010 at her son's house. May Allah blessed and placed her among the mukminins. Amin

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