Monday, January 11, 2010

Kids & Education

It's the beginning of a new year (masihi) ... lot's of things need to be settled especially that relates to kid's education. Many things to consider and think!

Yesterday, i got a call from Syamira's (Hazirah's friend) mother asking where I sent Hazirah for tuition. She was scouting around for a good place to send her daughter for tuition. Hmmm... how concern they are over their child's study. What about me? Not concern??? Damn sure I am concern ...and in fact OVER CONCERN ... I guess. Everybody will. But what was my answer???? No, Hazirah is not attending any tuition at the moment ..... What would Syamira's mother think?

Actually, I am not sure what should I do. Should I force her to tuition classes which according to her did not help or just let her study on her own with me monitoring her study??? I've tried forcing her to go to tuition class last year and as a result of it, I wasted RM180 every month for a very not satisfying result. She did not improve. She improved, actually. During her mid year test, I was so very proud of her, out of 10 classes (40 students in a class), she managed to be at the 52nd place, which mean she deserves to be in at least second class in the school. i was monitoring he strudy very closely then. And she proves it to me that she can performs well. BUT .... during the year end exam, she did baaaaaaddddddly. Very bad. I don't even feel like telling her result to anybody. Who frustrated the most? It was ME who frustrated the most ... I blamed myself for not monitoring her study during the second half of the year!!!!! it was because I thought she could study on her own, she could be independent. But she's not.

Therefore, this year I am gambling. I let her choose where she wants to study but I have to daily check her work. i just hope that I have the strength to be consistent in monitoring her study or else I will blame myself again.

When I think deeper, I thought about myself when I was 15, I was so independent. There was no 'mak' or 'bapak' to force me to study. i was on my own ..... self motivated! Why cant she be like me? independent. Well, I guess that's why they came out with that advert ....."ZAMAN DAH BERUBAH, DUNIA DAH MAJU". May be my way only suits those dayssss ...... Now, parents must think of everything for the kids .......... Is it a good idea????????????????????????

Anyway, i really hope that Hazirah will success in her upcoming exam. Amin.

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