Friday, January 8, 2010

It's New Year

New Year? Happy New Year? What's the significance of these wishes ... we need the good wishes everyday in our life. And in fact we can request for it ... from whom .... ALLAH ... it's the place for us to beg and appeal. No others can fulfill our wishes except HIM, ALLAH, the only god.

I've never never agree to those wishes .... tapi bawak jugak le anak2 tengok bunga api, only to appreciate the beauty & at the same criticising the money spent on it. However, I admit new year comes with new landscape of life. It happens to me too.

Kids are now in morning school sessions. Nur #1, already in Form three, therefore goes to morning session. Nur#2 and my only Muhammad were transferred to Sekolah Rendah Agama Integrasi, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam, it's a one session school which integrates both academic and islamic in one school session. Good for them, hopefully. At least they do not need to rush to switch from secular school uniform to islamic school uniform. And they're also already at home by 5pm everyday - enough time for them to enjoy the playground everyday. Emmm ... a new landscape of life to the mother (it's me). I've to slightly adjust my routine. I normally cook for dinner after work but not now. Now I have to make sure the meals are ready before i leave for office - penat tu, terkejar2 dan mengejar2. But, i'm sure it's just a small matter. Many mothers have done it before.

About transferring them to SRAI ..... I hesitated at first because thinking about not well-trained teachers (but, it's a hearsay), the high teacher's turn over due to low pay, less infra & bla, bla, bla .... but when I give a deep thought over the matter and a heavy discussion over the pros and cons with my husband, we decided to transfer them anyway. It's because the 'tarbiyah' that we hope the kids will be able to get from the curriculum. I pray hard to ALLAH to grant our desire to transfer them to SRAI only if it's good for them and their akidah. When we got it (a place in SRAI), I'm sure Allah has granted us the best for our kids. Semoga anak-anakku menjadi anak-anak yang soleh dan solehah, yang beriman kepada Allah & Rasul hingga ke akhir hayat. Amin.

Nur#1 sitting for her PMR this year, I have to turn to headmaster when night comes. Not only to read articles, student's report, exam papers, now I also need to check her school work. Well, it's a mother's sacrifice .... & obligation.

Therefore my daily routine now:
6.00am: solat subuh
6.15am: wake the children, and start preparing breakfast + food to bring to school
7.00am: Wait for the bus with the two younger kids. (bukannya jauh pun, depan pagar rumah je...)
7.20am: Send husband-off to office (isteri mithali ..... bye bye suami gi kerja uhuk uhuk uhuk)
7.20am: Hang clothes & start cooking
8.20am: Getting ready for office
6.oo-6.30pm: Back from office to see them ready for dinner
8.00pm: Watch them with their school work
10.00pm: Clean-up the kitchen
11.00pm: Fold clothes
12.00pm: Dozzzzzzzzeeeee offffffff..................... very tired.

Semoga ada ganjarannya buatku di sana asalkan ada keikhlasan dalam hati berbakti untuk suami dan anak-anak kerana Allah.

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