Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cuti Cuti Cuti

Yes, it's now the semester break. Really a break. Kids were with their grandmas for two weeks almost two weeks. 7 days in Kg Pertama, 5 days in Sg Petani. It's the best time to reunite them and get closer to their grand parents, and cousins too. They enjoyed their stay, but they missed home. How do I know that they missed home, everyone dissappear to their own area and favorite stuff the minute we reached home.

While the kids gone, I fulfilled my time with reading articles. Tapi tak ada idea nak mengarang. NExt, followed husband to a stay at the Le Meridien KL, for his meeting (tumpang sekaki je...). The best part was, while he was busy withthe meeting, I busied myself with some 'lone ranger' shopping at Jalan TAR and spend most of my time in SOGO. (Terasa macam zaman bujang dolu2 le pulak..... I guess we need that time to ourself, sometime). Night, wandering at MidValley with hubby, followed by wandering in KLCC the following night. WOW! bestnya ............

However, Saturday, 5th Dec, hubby got a call from neighbours about the demise of our x-neighbour, Rosli, K.Su's husband, who died suddenly at a restaurant in Malacca. He was only 47 years old. Subhanallah ... as promised ... ajal tidak akan berganjak walau sesaat. It was a sudden death, really a shocked to K.Su. With the news, we need to check-out early Sunday morning as hubby is the 'tukang mandi jenazah' - fardhu kifayah. I was there, attended the funeral service. Poor K.Su, she fainted few times. Ini ujian Allah yang perlu dilalui oleh setiap insan. I do not want to imagine if it happens to me.

Thursday, 1oth December, its a 'balik kg' cum Central Spectrum Family Day in Penang. We stayed at the Bayview Resort. The greatest moment was to be on the jet-ski with my husband. It's a FANTASTIC experience. Will do it again.

This weekend, will be in CAmeron Highland with Hj Azmi's family. And will be concluding the 2009 with another visit to Avillion. Catch up later ..............

Nak balik tengok bola Live, Msia vs Vietnam, in the Sea Games..... aku ni ada la sikit2 jiwa bola. hihihi

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